Free Download Manager to Speed Up Your Downloads


Everyone wants to speed up downloading speed because we don’t have enough time. So, we need download manager to download anything in highs speed. The downloading speed is depends on your internet speed, if your internet speed isn’t good then any download manager can’t download faster.

There are several download manager but which download manager is best for you, find a best download manager is not easy task. If we talk about the paid downloader manager then we will suggest you to buy IDM (Internet Download Manager). But, if you are looking for free download manager then you should choose any download manager from below download manager.

Before you use any download manager, let me share you disadvantage of all download managers. Basically download manager depends on your internet maximum speed. If you will use download manager tools then these tools will suck your all internet speed to download the object.

In my case I am using 5MBPS internet plan, if I will use download manager to download any big file, the download manager will use maximum download speed (in my case 5MBPS is maximum speed) to download the files. Since, download manager use maximum downloading speed, at the same time while using internet download manager we will get slow internet speed to surf the internet. But, you can set the downloading speed on download manager.

Why should you use Download Manager?

Are you depend on your browser to download your file? Is your browser downloading big files in fast speed? We know browser download tools don’t download things very fast. Comparing to download manager speed, browser downloads tool looks slower.

Everyone wants high speed downloading, especially when we download big files and any big software. Sometime browsers such as Firefox and Chrome crash for any reason when we download big files, Browsers such as Firefox and Chrome have the function of restarting the download – but it will start again from the beginning.

This is extremely annoying when you are at 99% of a very large file, then the browser decides to crash. Using download manager is best option to download any big file in high speed with any crashing problem.

Free Download Manager

Free download manager is also a good download manager tool. You can make a portable version with some click. You can remotely start downloads via the Internet, audio and video files before the download is finished.

Free download manager

The downloading speed is also good and not only files, audio, media files even you can download whole websites by using a tool of this software called HTML Spider.


EagleGet claims to boost download speeds by as much as six times the usual speed, nice tool for downloading big files and you can integrate EagleGet into your browser Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

You can schedule your download according to suitable time, you just need to keep your computer on.


GetGo is offers download speeds up to 5 times as fast. It is also a good download manager. It can detect and download videos, using its integrated browser, as well as batch downloads. You can download this software to download your files & media files


uTorrent is best client for downloading torrent, torrents get a bad reputation because of illegal files haring. But legal torrents can download quite fast. Torrent is used for downloading big files and most of peoples use torrent to download movies, big software and files.


If you don’t want to download these softwares then you can use some browser extension for download managers and you can use to download you big files in high speed. Below are some browser extension for download manager.

Browser Download Managers

Video Download Helper (Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome)

Video DownloadHelper is browser extension to download videos for the web. The extension is for both Google chrome and Mozilla Firefox, just install the extension on your browser and you can easily download video, go to the video page and just click on the icon of this extension on right top corner, you can easily choose the version you want. You can download any YouTube videos by this extension.

Chrono Download Manager (Google Chrome)

Chrono Download Manager is exclusively for Google chrome, it is a good download manager and you can use this extension only in Google chrome.

This tool can detect all links, images, audio and video on a webpage, and you can filter what you need and don’t need. It is good for downloading a selected files, but it can’t detect the detect all the files on web page.

Which tool do you use to download files? Have you more download manager tool? It’s time to share your tools here, just comment below.

  • Prakash Chandra

    I like this wonderful post, good collection of free internet download manager, is there any tool or app from mobile ?

    • breakhow

      Hey Prakash,
      Thanks for Asking, if you are Android user then you can use Torrent app 🙂 there are huge android apps