How to Find the Font Used on a Website with WhatFont


Do you know which font we are using here? Want to know which font we are using here or any other website is using which font? BreakHow going to share a simple method to find all the font details a web page is using.

You can easily check the font of any web page by using Google chrome extension WhatFont. Let’s start how to use that extension.

What is WhatFont ?

WhatFont is an extension which is used to find out the fonts used in a webpage, this extension is available on Google chrome browsers and you can install this extension to check the font on web page.

Steps to Use WhatFont Extension

First of all you need to install Google chrome extension on your computer, if you have already Google chrome then follow below steps.

  • Open Google chrome and install WhatFont Google Chrome extension.whatfont
  • Click on ADD TO CHROME button and let it install automatically.whatfont add
  • After installation of extension, you can see Font icon on upper corner right hand side.
  • Now to the web page where you want to find the font.
  • Just click on the icon and put your mouse cursor over the font.what font
  • You can see the font name on your mouse cursor.

It is very easy to find any font name on web page by using this extension, you don’t need to check the source code and console section of any web page.

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