How To Improve Alexa Ranking Faster – Tips to Rank


Google page rank was initially used to measure the ranking of a website before it stopped updating its page rank and Alexa rank became a great measure for ranking a website. Today, a lot of people judge a site’s popularity from the Alexa rank. It has become a good matrix used to know the estimate of traffic a website has.

Alexa is an Amazon product that acts as a comparative tool for website industries. It is a measure used to know the popularity of your sites when compared to other sites. The basis for this comparison is the information gathered from Alexa tools like plugins, toolbars and the rest. The name given to the data collected from these devices is referred to as Alexa panel. Alexa rank however has its limitation since only its Alexa panel is what is used as a criterion.

Alexa rank also offer services like backlinks, top keywords and can do fast and great filter to a website. There are some other tools that can be used to achieve this purpose. Some of them include: Ahrefs, Majestic, and MozRank. However, we will be focusing on Alexa rank in this article

Some of the top Alexa websites are: Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, Twitter and Yahoo to mention but a few.

How To Improve Alexa Ranking Faster


Alexa is a company that focuses on measuring the amount of traffic a website attracts and its popularity including their data analytics. It was established in 1996 with its headquarters in California and in 1999, Amazon took over the ownership. This company uses an algorithm to rank different websites.

It is important for bloggers, webmasters and developers who aim at making money online to understand their alexa ranking. It is a measure used to quantify the popularity, assess its value and capacity to generate revenue. It is important to pay close attention to alexa ranking because the higher your website’s alexa ranking, the better the worth of your website. Websites with higher alexa ranking stand the chance of getting better offer from advertisers. This implies that alexa ranking has to be one of your SEO strategies in order to make money online.

Webmasters and developers should be aware of how Alexa collect their data and how they do their ranking in order to put up strategies that will improve their site’s alexa ranking.

How Alexa collect their data for ranking

Alexa’s ranking is based on data collected by their traffic panel. There traffic panel has sample of users using different browsers. Also they collect data directly from websites by installing their script called Alexa Toolbar in their sites. Once you install alexa toolbar, they will be able to monitor the traffic level of your sites. They combine the websites visitors and page viewers for about 3 months and with that rank the site.

It is not however advisable to depend solely on alexa ranking as a measure of your growth in the internet business. If by any reason you get a low alexa ranking, it will surely affect your level of income.

It has been said before that alexa rank of a site has a very important role to play on the success of that site notwithstanding the fact that a lot of people may not be comfortable with Alexa rank, there are still advantages one can get by ranking high in Alexa rank.

Importance of Alexa Ranking

  • Alexa ranking is used as a comparative tool for industries.
  • It is used to know website marketing potential.
  • If your website has low rank with alexa rank, you stand the chance of getting more advertising offer and more ads.
  • A high rank in Alexa rank increases your potential of earning money so for bloggers and website owners that want to make more money online, you have to take it seriously.
  • It increases the social status of your website.
  • It gives you an estimate of the position of your website on the internet.
  • Alexa rank partners with Google, therefore, your rank in Alexa also affects your rank on Google.

Disadvantages of Alexa ranking

  • It is easily manipulated. Some theories confirmed that Alexa’s traffic can be rooted by black hat method.
  • It is not the best criteria to know the status of the website.
  • It is not reliable
  • Alexa’s ranks depend on its toolbar and this might contain some incorrect data especially for sites not viewed from the toolbars.
  • Alexa ranks personal pages the same way they do for other websites with ‘*’ attached to their pages.
  • Subdomains and subpages are not ranked separately.


  1. Get Alexa Widget: Using widget can help you improve your Alexa’s ranking. When you install alexa widget, it will attract visitors as they might like to check it out. Each of their clicks and the amount of time they spend in your site matters a lot. For bloggers that advertise on their blog, getting alexa widget is compulsory as it will also help improve your alexa rank.
  2. Write about Alexa: There are a lot of people that write about Alexa, you can get some backlinks by also writing about Alexa. Optimizing your website with keywords related to alexa is another good way of improving you alexa rank.
  3. Advertising your blog: It is necessary to claim your blog on social media like Facebook. Just upload simple files about your blog to bring it to the spotlight. Also regular update of blog information is another way of increasing Alexa’s traffic rank on your website.
  4. Ensure you follow SEO strategies. The importance making your site search engine optimized can never be underestimated. SEO is not all about the visibility of your site but also how to make your sites better for your customers. They will naturally pay regular visit to your sites and in so doing increasing your traffic. Do not forget that traffic is one of the measures alexa use to rank a site.
  5. Getting Alexa Toolbar: Installing Alexa’s toolbar is another way of improving the alexa rank of your site.
  6. Writing Good and Quality Contents: Alexa ranks their website with the number of traffic your site have. You have to therefore write quality contents and post them on social media .This will attract people to visit your website. Most of these visitors might have alexa toolbar in their site.
  7. URL: Ensure you include the URL of your website each time you post on webmaster forum. Most webmasters have alexa toolbar so each time they check out your URL, it counts in alexa panel.
  8. Reviews: When you get positive reviews about your website, if helps increase your Alexa’s traffic rank. Some people tell their friends to give positive reviews about their sites on Alexa.
  9. Study your competitors: It is necessary you study your competitors and understand the metrics that are needed and marketing strategies that are working.

How to check your Alexa ranking

Some people find it difficult to check their Alexa Rank while some people do not even know how to check it. To check your Alexa rank, you could just go directly to their website or install their toolbar. However, checking your rank through their website by certifying your site’s metric on Alexa is most recommended as it will give you accurate result.


There is no doubt that alexa ranking plays a very important role in the popularity of your sites. It then becomes necessary to keep on working on your site to improve its rank. Alexa update their rank on a daily basis. So you have to strategize well. It will take you high but when you lose focus, you could see your site coming down. Work on having high quality content and good posts. You will keep fluctuating in alexa rank if your sites lack good and quality content. High strategy coupled with keeping track of the things that we discussed earlier that could help you improve your alexa rank will keep your site always at the top.

  • Do commenting about Alexa
  • By registering with Alexa boosting program
  • Buy Alexa Pro membership if you can 


Let take a look at few tips to rank in Alexa.

  • Buy Alexa pro membership form.
  • Always comment about Alexa.
  • Registering with alexa boosting program is another  tip to rank in Alexa
  • Verifying your site with Alexa verification code is another boaster to Alexa rank, subscribing to their premium subscription will enhance the rank.
  • Make sure you are connected to bloggers forum. You will be noticed with time and they will naturally want to visit your site frequently. You can also offer freebies to attract visitors.
  • Blogging is another sure way of getting high alexa rank. You could just add something related to blogging no matter the niche.
  • Your blog must always be updated on a daily basis.
  • Do not flutter your site with posts. Maintain an average number of quality posts on your website.

Conclusively, Alexa uses the traffic level of your website to rank it. It becomes a necessity to make your website or blog unique using SEO strategy, posting of only quality content and regular update in order to attract visitors and page viewers.  A lot of webmasters use Alexa ranking, so ensure you follow the steps listed above to improve your Alexa rank.

  • Always Content plays an important and crucial role in both SERP and alexa, so we should concentrate much on content . If content is good 50% you will reach your expectations.