Trick to Increase Your Smartphone Volume In a Room


If you want to increase your Smartphone Volume in room, just follow our simple trick to increase your smartphone sound in your room.

Well, if you are one of them who like to listen music in high volume and want to increase smartphone sound then this article is very tricky for you.

Let’s start this trick, first of all grab any empty, dry and clean paper cup and put your smartphone in it. That’s the trick, and it will increase your smartphone or other device sound.

If your smartphone is too big or you don’t have a cup, then you can use any bowl or a coffee mug instead of a cup.

How trick work?

Actually, there is a little science on this trick. The container prevents the sound of smartphone or any device from scattering in different directions.

The bottom line is that you need any kind of container to channel the sound better. The size and material of the container as well as the position of the built-in speaker do have an impact on the sound output.

Watch below experiment of this trick & build a speaker using cheap household.

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