WordPress Vs. BlogSpot: Which is better and Why?


WordPress and BlogSpot are one of the best platforms for blogging amidst other options. New bloggers are always confused on whether to use wordpress or BlogSpot for blogging services. Before we go into the comparison of wordpress and BlogSpot, we will like to make you understand what BlogSpot and wordpress is all about.

WordPress is one of web hosting services offered by web hosting providers. It is currently the fastest growing content management system software. It is mostly use by bloggers and makes blogging very easy for beginners. With wordpress, you do not need to have a technical knowledge on designing a website before you can use it to create a professional website. It is a famous tool used to create websites. It can be used to create both simple and complicated websites. There are two ways of using wordpress; you either use the wordpress.org or worspress.com

Registration with wordpress is quite easy as you just need to get your domain name and web hosting provider. Siteground and bluehost are two hosting providers that are recommended for wordpress as they both offer free domain.

wordpress vs blogspot

Pros of WordPress

  1. WordPress is a free website and therefore you can download, use and modify your website to suit your taste.
  2. WordPress allows you customize your site without having any technical or design skill. Using CMS guarantees you easy access to your blog or websites and its content.
  3. WordPress is very flexible and with their ecommerce options, you can use the thousands of themes to do your ordering, cart processing and shipping.
  4. WordPress has an inbuilt blog which makes blogging very easy and simple. The built in blogging already set a very good platform for blogging.
  5. With wordpress, you are sure of easy upgrade of your site and it mostly used by skilled users and large organizations like Facebook.

 Cons of wordpress

  1. WordPress is being updated virtually every year and you need to have your wordpress software updated from time to time to ensure your site is up to date..
  2. WordPress offers thousands of plugins and too many plugins which will sure slow down the speed of your site.

BlogSpot: BlogSpot is a free blog hosting site owned by Google. It is one of the best platforms for blogging. BlogSpot is majorly for new bloggers that use blogging as a hobby or just to write articles and. However, It is not a good platform for businesses because it has lots of limitations. Blogger still offers great services but the designs are a bit too simplified.  With BlogSpot, you can login and do your first publication for free using your Gmail account.

Why use BlogSpot?

  1. BlogSpot is free to use and it provides a very good platform to start up a website or blogging.
  2. BlogSpot simplified blogging.
  3. It provides a perfect platform for casual blogging.

Pros of BlogSpot

  1. Since BlogSpot is owned by Google, It has the right to disclose and access any information.
  2. With blogspot, there is no room for upgrade. They are not flexible.
  3. You cannot customize your site.
  4. It is not a good platform for blogging for money.


We have been able to explain what wordpress and blogspot is all about.  Let us do a detailed comparison of blogger and wordpress to enable any confused newbie make a wise decision on the platform to use for website or blogging.

USER FRIENDLY: Blogger creates a very good platform for newbies to start blogging. It has a step by step instruction on how to go about blogging. WordPress also has the services as it also creates an enabling environment for newbies to blog.

In addition, wordpress has thousands of themes and templates that enable you create a professional website while blogger made provision for just few templates but you cannot create your own website with these templates.

FLEXIBILITY: WordPress is more flexible than blogger. With wordpress, you can easily move your site to another host and change domain name but this seems to be a difficult task with blogger. The possibility of losing your followers during the move is high.

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: WordPress has varieties of support like the community forum where you can get help from more experienced users and even from the provider you are hosting with. This is not the same with blogger as our choice of support is limited.

UPGRADE: WordPress is not dependent on a particular provider as there are lots of providers offering the plan, it is developed by a community of users and is upgraded from time to time but blogger solely depend on Google and Google can decide to shut it down anytime they deem it fit.

SECURITY: It is very necessary to you have a secured website. Both wordpress and blogger make provisions for this feature. Since Google owns blogger, they ensure it is properly safe secured. With wordpress, you have to take care of your security and backup to a certain extent. Although some web hosting providers offer adequate security and backups for their wordpress hosting, you might need to pay an extra fee to get a highly secured website. In terms of security and backups, blogspot is the best.

CUSTOMIZATION: WordPress provides a good platform to build your website to your taste with varieties of templates made available while in blogger you have very few templates to choose from and all of them have almost the same rough design. Your site will just look every other normal website out there.


  1. Hosting: Using wordpress as a platform for your website entails you hosting with a web provider which has monetary value attached to it. You do not need to pass through this to use the blogger. Therefore, blogger is the winner when it comes to hosting. You do not need a third party.
  2. Easy to use; Blogger and wordpress create a very good environment for beginners to work on their site with ease. However, it gets complicated with wordpress, once the basic levels are passed.

I recommend blogger for users that need a friendly and simplified platform.

  1. WordPress is recommended for people that want to have full control of their site and be able to build it to their own taste. However, if you do not mind having your website look like every other normal website, you can go for blogger.
  2. Support: WordPress is an active community support forum and with it you can get customer support from various places including the webhosting provider. Customer support is however limited with blogger. If you do not mind managing the limited support from blogger, then you can opt for it. As far as customer support is concerned, wordpress is the winner
  3. Blogger is owned by Google and as such connecting your blog to Google is automatically their responsibility but this is not so with wordpress.
  4. WordPress makes provision for easy upgrade to the next level. You can start small and upgrade to a highly profitable business but with blogger such provisions are limited. If you are intending to do blogging for fun, then blogger is recommended for you. But if you have the mind of taking your business to the next level, then i recommend wordpress for you.
  5. Backups: Blogger offers high safe and secured sites but with wordpress you have to take responsibility for your backup and security and in most times pay your host provider for additional security feature. The bottom line becomes if you need to get a highly safe and secured site for free, then blogger is the best platform for you to choose.
  6. WordPress gets expensive with time. Blogger is more budget friendly than wordpress. If you need an affordable platform, then blogger is a good to go one
  7. Profit: Blogging is not an ideal platform for those using blogging for substantial or monetary purpose. If you really want to make some cash from blogging, then my humble advice is for you to go for wordpress.
  8. Blogger emphasizes on simple blogging while wordpress is a great content management system.

Watch below video by Matt Cutts & choose the best.


WordPress is the best when compared to blogger. There are lots of advantages of using wordpress. Although blogger has a friendly interface that is simple and easy to use, it is not flexible and does not give room to customize your sites to your taste. Little wonder millions of people have chosen it to create websites and blogs using wordpress.

Also, wordpress being an open source community offers lots of free templates, themes and plugins that you can use to add create features to your website without needing to have a prior knowledge of website designing. This is not so with blogger.

Most big organizations like Facebook power their site with wordpress. This gives the assurance that there will be no better platform for your website or blog than wordpress.


We have been able to establish the fact that wordpress is better than blogspot. However, you have to consider the main focus of your site to guide you in making the best choice of the platform to use to power it.